What are the precautions for stewed chicken soup

Published time:2023-09-27

Chicken soup is a traditional soup dish. The main raw materials are chicken, water, seasonings, etc. It is also very convenient to eat. It is learned to stew chicken soup well! Hotel catering ingredients wholesale small make up now for everyone to sort out stewed chicken soup matters needing attention:

1. Add a proper amount of clear water into the pan first, and put the chopped chicken pieces into the pan. The water should be over the chicken. After the chicken is boiled over, the chicken should be taken out and washed immediately (it must be put into the pan with cold water so that there will be no annoying blood stains on the soup noodles after stewing).

2. Put the cleaned chicken into a pressure cooker, add thick ginger slices, 2 shallots, add a tablespoon of cooking wine (try to use Shaoxing yellow wine), add cleaned medlar, codonopsis pilosula, angelica (less, a small piece is enough), red jujube (4 or 5 grains, more soup will have sour taste), 3 grains of longan meat, if you are afraid of fire, remove angelica, add 5 grams of yuzhu, add a little less salt (to make the chicken taste), add water to cover the chicken by about an inch, cover the lid and valve, and bring to a boil on the stove.

3. After spraying steam in the pressure cooker, change the pressure to medium fire for 5 minutes, then change the pressure to small fire for 10 minutes (the soup can be kept clear and not turbid), turn off the fire and wait for the pressure of the pressure cooker to decrease.

4. After opening the lid of the pot, pick up the ginger and onion, add some salt and chicken essence to taste (according to personal preference), and a pot of delicious chicken soup is ready.

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5. If it is stewed in an ordinary soup pot, add more water and do not add water halfway, otherwise the soup will not be mellow. Stew over high fire for 10 minutes, then simmer over low fire for 1 hour (tender chicken, such as stewing old hen, should be doubled), and seasoned.

6. You can also use a ceramic container with a lid to stew in water (this stew method tastes mellow and is commonly used in Cantonese cuisine). Put the lid of the container with good ingredients into a steamer. If possible, you can seal the container with gauze paper wet water (the taste should be adjusted first) and steam for about 2 hours with high fire.

7. If stewed in a boiler, water is not required. Steam condenses into soup. The taste is very fragrant and mellow. The stewing method is similar to stewing in water.

No matter what kind of stew method is used, it is recommended to clean up the chicken oil and stew it again to avoid being too greasy.

to the method of oil:

1. Before cooking chicken soup, remove the subcutaneous grease of the chicken, which can be cleaned directly near the buttocks.

2. It can be used when cooking with a small fire.

Sliced bread sucks up the oil from the surface.

The way to feel no oil: you can add some wax gourd, mushrooms and other oil-absorbing things to burn together, and you will not feel the oil.

a lot of pay attention to burn chicken soup:

1. The pot is straight and cannot be cooked in a cooking pot.

2. After the big fire is brought to a boil, simmer with a small fire. Don't open the pot to watch. Fill up the ingredients at one time without adding water in the middle.

3. Try to remove the chicken skin before stewing, so that it will not be too greasy. You can also add some oil-absorbing things such as wax gourd and mushrooms to stew together.

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