Zhaojiazhuang Food

Zhaojiazhuang Food ZHAOJIAZHUANG

Traditional home-cooked crafts, authentic "Jingzhou flavor"

The company mainly produces and sells all kinds of local specialties represented by Niu San Xian, as well All kinds of soup, all kinds of open bag heating ready-to-eat hot pot and pre-prepared dishes.

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About Us

Entering Jingzhou Zhaojiazhuang Food Co., Ltd.

2012 +

Establishment time


Plant area

120 +

Number of employees

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Product display

Dragon Bone Powder and Lotus Root Soup

My lotus root soup is a little sweet

Country Chicken Soup

Open-air free-range slowly growing, mellow, rich and not greasy

Spareribs and lotus root soup

My lotus root soup is a little sweet

Beef Hot Pot

Filled with bone collagen, the fragrance of bone wafts everywhere

Public security cattle three fresh

Niujia three righteous, delicious not separated

Gongan Beef

Gong'an Beef originates from a traditional dish in Gong'an County, Hubei Province. It is made from the local Jianghan buffalo as raw material, supplemented with local specialties, and processed with unique cooking techniques. It has a long history. 


Product Features


Easy to eat

Canned food, suitable size, easy to carry, open can heating ready to eat


Jingchu local traditional craft carefully secret, delicious

Rich nutrition

The main raw materials are selected natural growth or stocking ingredients

Safe & pollution-free

Natural growth or river and lake stocking ingredients and fully automatic high temperature sterilization

healthy green

No preservatives added, using traditional technology carefully processed, unique taste