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General Manager's Speech

Dear customer:

Hello, I have been engaged in the catering industry for more than 40 years, during which I have been drifting north to Beijing for 10 years. All the way through the wind and rain, I dream of pushing Jingchu cuisine to the whole country, presenting tables for thousands of households, so that hundreds of millions of diners can enjoy one product quickly. To this end, I founded the Jingzhou City Zhaojiazhuang Food Co., Ltd., organized a professional team to develop a series of Jingchu gourmet products. I solemnly promise to customers: take the customer as God, safety as the first, quality as the center, taste as the pursuit, honor as the goal. Strive to the safety, environmental protection of Jingchu food dedicated to everyone!

Thank you for your patronage, I am waiting for you in Sanyuan's hometown!