The nutritional value and purchase of bovine bone

Published time:2023-09-27

The bones of livestock have always been a kind of food that Chinese people love very much, and the bones of cattle have always been a kind of bone that everyone likes. This is because bones can make soup, beef bone soup tastes very good, do you know what is the nutritional value of beef bones? Jingzhou Zhaojiazhuang Food Co., Ltd. is now sharing:

Bovine bone is mainly composed of inorganic components, of which Ca3(PO4)2 is about 86%,Mg3 (PO4)2 is about 1%, other calcium salts are about 7%, chlorine is about 0.2, and fluorine is about 0.3. Calcium salts include calcium gluconate (calcium gluconate), calcium glycerophosphate (calcium glycerophosphate), calcium pantothenate (calcium pantothenate).

Its organic components are a variety of proteins, in which the internal collagen (ossein) constitutes a network distributed in bone collagen, such as collagen in the skin, and water co-boiled, then raw gelatin.

The fat content of bovine bone varies from 12% to 20% depending on the type of bone. The fatty acids that make up the fat are mainly palmitic acid (palmitic acid), stearic acid (stearic acid) and oleic acid (oleic acid), but also contain a small amount of linoleic acid (linoleic acid). Bovine bone fat is often concentrated in the bone marrow. Also contains C16, C18 fatty acids.

How to choose a cow bone

Character identification, forelimb bone: humeral bone body distortion, no supracondylar hole; ulna, radius healing, ulna bending; metacarpal bone 1, inner body length, the other obviously degenerated. Posterior hepatic bone: femoral bone is cylindrical in the center and triangular in the distal end; tibia is well developed; fibula is degenerated; one bone is long in the inner body, and the other is degenerated. The patella is narrow and long, with a wide upper margin and a lower taper, with a large medial bulge, firm and heavy in texture. Large bone marrow cavity of anterior and posterior limb bone sections. Gas slightly mutton.

1. Look at the color: look at the surface for congestion or abnormal blood spots. Good beef bones are bright red, uniform and shiny. The color should be uniform.

2. Look at the tissue state: the meat is thin and tight, elastic, slightly dry in appearance, non-sticky in hands, and good cow bones without liquid or blood flowing out.

3, smell: smell fresh, no other smell is good cow bone.

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