Production process, quality control and inspection of canned beef

Published time:2023-08-18

Canned beef is a canned food made of beef as raw material and processed with various ingredients and seasonings. Because of its good taste, rich nutrition, simple heating and other advantages, it is loved by consumers. However, the production quality of Hubei Jingchu flavor specialty beef can is an important factor affecting its sales and word of mouth. This paper will introduce the main points of the production quality of canned beef from the aspects of production process, quality control and inspection.

Production process of canned 1. beef

The production process of canned beef is divided into seven links: procurement, cleaning and disinfection, cooking, filling, sealing, sterilization and inspection.

1. Procurement

The raw materials of canned beef should be selected with good beef, requiring fresh, no abnormal smell and diseases, pests and other substances that affect the quality. Enterprises should establish a supply contract, strictly review the supplier's product quality, delivery date, quantity, price, etc., and sign a contract to ensure that the supplied beef complies with relevant laws and regulations and enterprise production standards.

2. Cleaning and disinfection

Before production, workers should disinfect equipment, workplaces, etc. Beef to be cleaned, clean up hair, sand and other impurities, and then put into the disinfection tank for disinfection treatment. Disinfection pool with hot water or chemical agents, sterilization of beef, to ensure the safety and health of canned food.

3. Cooking

After the beef is sterilized, it is cooked. There are many ways to cook. Generally, the beef is cut into pieces of a certain size, after pickling, blanching and other processes, it is heated with high-pressure steam to cook the beef thoroughly. In the process of cooking, it is necessary to add a small amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper and other seasonings to enhance the flavor and taste of beef.

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