Quality and common problems of chicken soup

Published time:2023-08-18

Chicken soup is a common soup food, its flavor is fragrant and delicious, deeply loved by people. However, there are differences in the quality of different chicken soup, and there are often some problems. Hotel food ingredients wholesale will focus on the quality of chicken soup and common problems.

Quality Standard for 1. Chicken Soup

1. Chicken breed: breed is one of the important factors affecting the quality of chicken soup.

2. The age of the chicken: The chicken soup is recommended to use 7-8 months old chicken products. The finished chicken has slightly open pores during this period, which will make the soup more delicious.

3. Preservation of chicken: When choosing chicken, you should choose chicken with shiny hair and elastic meat, and ensure that the chicken should be refrigerated below 4 ℃ before soaking in rice washing water.

4. Ingredients: The quality and quantity of ingredients are also key factors affecting the quality of native chicken soup. For example, lilies, medlar, red dates, chestnuts, lotus seeds, yam and other ingredients that meet the taste requirements and blending ability of the soup can achieve better taste.

5. Soup cooking time: Generally speaking, the cooking time of local chicken soup should be controlled between 2-4 hours. Appropriate addition of ginger and scallion can remove fishy smell and increase fragrance. At the same time, cooking soup for too long will lead to quality decline and adverse food safety risks if it is serious.

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Common Problems and Solutions of 2. Chicken Soup

1. Taste is too weak: This situation is likely to be the soup cooking time is too short, need to extend the soup cooking time. At the same time can add salt and seasoning.

2. Taste too salty: This situation is likely to add excessive salt, you can add some hot water to dilute the taste of salty chicken soup. At the same time can add some vegetables and seasonings to taste.

3. The color of the soup is not pure enough: This situation is likely to be that the chicken did not clean up the blood or meat film during the soup cooking process, which requires blood removal and treatment before cooking, and edible alcohol can be used for treatment.

4. Bad soup taste: different ingredients can play a different role in taste reconciliation. If the native chicken soup tastes bad, you can choose different ingredients to combine and reconcile according to your taste preferences, such as medlar, yam, pig bone, etc.

5. The soup tastes hot and spicy: This situation is probably due to the addition of too much ginger or the addition of spicy materials such as chili. It is necessary to reduce the addition amount appropriately and use some ingredients that dilute the salty and spicy flavor, such as soybean and wide flour.

In short, cooking chicken soup at home is a very practical life skill, but if you want to cook chicken soup with a better sense of export, you need to pay attention to the variety, age, freshness, ingredients and soup cooking time of the chicken, and at the same time pay attention to solving common problems, so that the cooked chicken soup can be more delicious.

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