Notes on fish ball making and production

Published time:2023-08-18

Fish balls are a very popular traditional Chinese snack, and there are many things to pay attention to when making and producing fish balls. The following public security canned beef manufacturers will be detailed on the production and production of fish balls.

1. Material selection:

The main raw material of fish balls is fish, and fresh fish is generally used to make it more delicious and healthy. When choosing fish, you should pay attention to the freshness of the fish and avoid the use of spoiled fish. Common fish suitable for making fish balls are carp, cod, hairtail, etc., which can be selected according to taste and preferences.

2. Fish treatment:

Peel and bone the fish and chop it into a puree. When chopping meat, pay attention to the hygiene and sharpness of the knife, and avoid the use of metal knives to avoid oxidation of fish. After the fish is chopped, it needs to be stirred repeatedly with a spoon or the back of a knife until the fish has a certain colloid.

3. Use of additives:

In the process of making fish balls, commonly used additives include starch, egg white, salt, sugar, soy sauce, etc. These additives can improve the taste of fish balls and keep moisture. In the use of additives should pay attention to the right amount, not excessive, so as not to affect the taste and health of fish balls.

4. Stirring method:

After the fish is chopped, it should be stirred in one direction until the fish becomes elastic fish glue. You can stir clockwise or counterclockwise, but not back and forth, so as not to cause a bad taste. The stirring time should not be too long, usually about 30 minutes.

5. Fermentation treatment:

The stirred fish is placed in a warm environment for fermentation, which generally takes 3-6 hours. The purpose of fermentation is to improve the taste and elasticity of fish balls, make them more sinewy and more delicious when eaten.

Public security canned beef manufacturers

6. Production of fish balls:

The fermented fish needs to be mixed with warm water into a paste, and then kneaded into balls with a spoon or by hand. The size and shape of the fish balls can be adjusted according to personal preference. The prepared fish balls are placed in clear water for later use.

7. Cooking time:

Cook the fish balls in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Cooked fish balls become floating on the surface of the water, color white. Fish balls can be eaten directly or used in other dishes.

8. Health and safety:

In the production and production of fish balls, pay attention to health and safety issues. Operators should wash their hands and wear clean work clothes and gloves. Fish making utensils should be cleaned and disinfected to avoid the spread of bacteria. At the same time, pay attention to the freshness and storage conditions of fish to ensure the safety of production and consumption.

9. Shelf life and storage:

Fish balls are perishable foods, so they should be eaten as much as possible within 24 hours after they are made. If there are any remaining fish balls, they should be stored in a low-temperature environment such as a refrigerator in time to extend the shelf life. During storage, attention should be paid to avoid turning and spoilage of fish balls. Fish balls can be divided into portions suitable for consumption for packaging.

10. Quality control:

For the production and production of fish balls, strict quality control should be carried out. Including appearance quality, taste, taste and health indicators and other aspects. Ensure that the quality of the product complies with relevant hygiene standards and food safety regulations to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction.

The above are some precautions about the production and production of fish balls, I hope to help you!

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